Padraic has been leading tours for almost a decade in Ireland, France, Argentina and Scotland and never tires of the endless adventure. "Every new person you meet is like a doorway into another world", he claims, and although he set up Fresh Eire Adventures with the goal of building up a new business he hopes to continue leading as many tours as possible.  A life long biker and a true gourmand, Padraic has a wide range of interests from politics to the arts and adventure travel.  He has lived in Ireland, the UK, the USA, Australia and Argentina and has been described by some guests as a true 'Renaissance Man', having had a career which has included stints in sectors as diverse as International Banking, Journalism and Law.  He has traveled to over 40 countries.


Simon has a passion for the outdoors and spends his free time swimming in the ocean, mountain bike racing, and exploring hills by foot and by bike. His ideal holiday is being able to tour on bicycle and he has done so throughout Europe. He has always been interested in the environment and studied geography in university. He background includes working as a tour guide bringing Italian groups through Ireland during summers and also working in the trade office of the Italian Embassy where he organized and looked after trade delegations coming into Ireland. Currently, in addition to guiding, he also works for a film production company which takes him throughout the country on location.