Irish Food

Sheedys-Hotel114-lamb-400pxExpect to dine out on succulent Irish lamb, the finest wild seafood, shellfish, outstanding grass-fed beef and poultry like pheasant and quail.  Irish dairy products are amongst the best in the world and our native cheeses are comparable to the finest French produce available.  Our breads are especially memorable; our brown bread in particular is often copied but never equaled!  Prepare for the “Full Irish” breakfast; a three course extravaganza which is the perfect start to a wonderful day on the bike in the glorious unpolluted countryside.  You’ll sample Guinness, Irish whiskey and ciders while here and also indulge in some elegant and inventive deserts.  Irish food is something which surprises all our guests.  Forget the idea of “Corned Beef and Cabbage” – this is an American interpretation of Irish food, something which emigrants used to cook when they could not find the same quality products when not in Ireland.